Equipos de protecciĂłn personal

Personal protective equipment

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ÂżWhat is PPE?

An EPP is a piece of equipment, clothing or device that protects a worker as the last barrier against the risk of occupational accidents, which threaten their physical and mental integrity. In addition, PPE is required by law to carry out high-risk work and must be used correctly for each type of activity to be carried out.

What are the main PPE?

Among the main basic PPE, the following can be mentioned:

1. Safety helmet

This equipment has the function of protecting the worker’s head against any falling objects. A helmet must have a cap, visor, brim, harness, headband, neckband and chinstrap attached to the chin to help hold the helmet on the head.

Safety helmet
Safety helmet

2. Windproof

This equipment offers protection to the back of the neck against sun rays, dust and splashes.


3. Safety Glasses

They are special lenses with resistant glasses and lateral protection that totally protect the eyes against any impact, dust and splashes.

Safety Glasses
Safety Glasses

4. Safety Gloves

This personal protection element fulfills the function of protecting the hands against any risk of cuts, abrasion, perforation, fire, etc.

Safety Gloves
Safety Gloves

5. Safety shoes

Special shoes reinforced with steel toe and non-slip sole. They protect the foot against the fall of heavy objects, hot substances, electrical risks.

Safety shoes
Safety shoes

6. Reflective vest

The purpose of this protection element is to highlight the upper part of the worker’s body to be easily identified on construction sites and avoid accidents with vehicles or other types of accidents.

Reflective vest
Reflective vest

7. Sunscreen

Protection for the skin before the strong rays of the sun.


What are the types of protection (PPE)?

Types of protection (PPE)
Types of protection (PPE)

1. Head protectors

Safety helmets

2. Auditive protectors

Ear plugs, ear muffs and noise-cancelling helmets.

3. Eye protectors

Safety glasses, face shields, welding helmets

4. Respiratory protection

N95 respirators, full face respirators, gas masks, and surgical masks

5. Body protection

Vests, safety suits, belts, jackets and belts

6. Hand protectors

Safety gloves

Foot protectors

Safety shoes or rubber or rubber boots, steel toe boots.

7. Skin protectors

Sunscreen, protection creams

What is the importance of PPE?

PPE helps ensure a safe work environment for all employees and people within work areas. It is very important to use safety elements, because they minimize the risk of accidents and possible unfortunate events in the workplace. These would be some reasons to understand the importance of PPE safety elements.

  • Prevent unnecessary injuries in the workplace
  • Protect employees from excessive exposure to chemicals
  • Prevent the spread of germs and infectious diseases, including COVID-19
  • Help companies comply with regulatory requirements
  • Improve employee productivity and efficiency.

At Cranes and Maneuvers we train our staff in the proper use and care of PPE, highlighting the importance of proper use to maintain a healthy work environment. In the same way, we emphasize that the use of PPE does not prevent you from accidents at work and we must always be alert to any unwanted event.

Worker’s obligations.

Workers also have a responsibility to ensure a safe work environment with minimal risk. Therefore, they must comply with the following obligations:

  • Properly use and care for personal protection elements.
  • Place personal protective equipment after use in the place indicated for it.
  • Immediately inform your direct hierarchical superior of any defect, anomaly or damage seen in the personal protection equipment used that, in your opinion, may lead to a loss of its protective effectiveness.
  • Every worker is responsible for their PPE from delivery to its final disposal at the corresponding recycling location.

Both the use and care of the equipment will be carried out in accordance with what is indicated by the manufacturer in its “Information Booklet”, or in accordance with the guidelines, procedures or instructions established by the employer.

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