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Breaking borders to Chile

The attractiveness of the Peruvian-Chilean market increasingly attracts companies and investors operating simultaneously in each country in search of synergies and greater market breadth. In order to develop all the opportunities in the heavy lifting sector offered by the Andean region, extensive knowledge and experience in each market is required. Cranes and Maneuvers in Peru and Cranes AT Maule in Chile have had successful growth in each of their markets with many points in common, particularly in the energy, mining, construction and industry sectors. In order to promote the offer of comprehensive solutions, the boards of both companies decided to join forces and this is how this company emerged as a response to this challenge.

AT Maule Cranes and Maneuvers Consortium starts activities

Since July 2018, the At Maule Grúas y Maneubras consortium has been operating in Chile with the provision of a 500-ton telescopic crane to provide maintenance services for wind farms located in northern Chile.

Grúas y Maniobras in Chile

The best benefits for our customers

We are convinced that offering a common platform of lifting and heavy transport solutions for the region provides a better and more complete range of services with significant logistical and scope advantages. The greater capacity of lifting tons resulting from the combination of both fleets as well as the expertise developed by each company, especially in energy and mining, provides a very powerful solution for our clients. In conclusion, the sum of the experiences of both companies will be able to provide a better service.

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