Liftings and lifting accessories

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A Lift is the operation that allows the lifting and suspension of large and heavy loads. A lift allows safely raise or lower loads, since planning and precise calculations are previously carried out that involve load tables of the equipment, resistance of accessories, space, climate, among other aspects.


They are all the lifting elements necessary to be able to carry out a lifting or unloading maneuver. Due to the complexity of the lifting maneuvers, a series of implements are required that make it possible to carry out these jobs. To mention some of them, slings, hooks, straps, steel cables, staples, rings, turnbuckles.

Let’s take a look at some accessories:

2.1. Slings

A sling is a lifting accessory that is used to hook a load that will be lifted, transported and/or dragged. They are made of steel and synthetic materials such as nylon or polyester.


2.2. Strobes

A strobe is a short piece of cable made of a flexible and resistant material, it has eyelets at its ends duly prepared to hold a load and join it with the lifting equipment that is going to lift it.


2.3. Hooks

Liftings hooks are one of the most important elements, they are in charge of connecting the machinery with the load. They are specially designed to have a quick hitch and are made of forged steel.


2.4. Steel wires

The steel cable consists of a set of strands made of wire and placed helically around the central core of the cable.

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2.5 Staples

These elements serve as an aid in terms of the stability of cable terminations, for this reason they are also known as clamps.

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2.6 Turnbuckles

Turnbuckles are used to add or release tension on a cable without adding unnecessary stress to the snag eyes of the cable coupling. There are different types of turnbuckles such as hook and hook, hook and eye, eye and eye, clevis and eye, and clevis and clevis.

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2.7 Shackles

They are metallic elements that allow to operate between the load and the lifting equipment. Shackles are made of steel and consist of a “U” shaped piece with a forged steel pin through both ends, used to permanently connect an eyelet to other fasteners such as a hook hoisting.

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2.8. Thimble

They are used to adapt and protect the cable to a radius of curvature, thus avoiding the breaking of the cable wires. It is also used as protectors for the loops of slings.


2.9. Eyebolt

It is an element used in elevation when it is necessary to lift an object by pulling directly on it. They are made of forged steel and consist of two parts: the body or stirrup and the adjustable shaft or screw.


2.10. Guide rope (wind)

Rope used to control the position of load in order to prevent workers from coming into contact with it.

cuerda guía o viento

This is our list of some most important accessories for lifting. If we forgot any, you can leave us a comment and add it to our list.

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