Izajes críticos

Critical lifting

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Each assembly and lifting will always have its particularity, they will never be the same, they all have different requirements and conditions, but we could say that there are simple routine lifting operations, those maneuvers that are more demanding and even those maneuvers that are considered critical lifting operations.

What is critical lifting?

And what can be categorized into this type of lifting?

A critical lifting is one that demands a higher exigency and represents a high risk. The work of this type of handling is complicated, but it does not mean that it cannot be done. It is only that in these cases special care must be taken and some strict conditions for the work must be taken into account. Therefore, all lifting maneuvers that are classified as critical must be planned in writing before they are carried out. In all these cases, a CRITICAL LIFTING LICENSE must be drawn up and submitted together with detailed documentation prior to the work being carried out and authorized.


Any high-risk operation that meets the following conditions shall be considered as critical lifting.

1. Lifting of personnel in baskets

Izaje de personal en canastillas

2. Lifting loads between two or more cranes

Izaje de carga con dos grúas

3. When the slope of the land is greater than 5%

4. Lifting close to the maximum capacity of the equipment

%CAPACITY = (Weight of load) / (Capacity) X 100%.

If 75% of the crane capacity is exceeded.


Maximum capacity of the crane = 150 000 kg

Weight of load = 130 000 kg

◘ %CAPACITY = 130 000 / 150 000 * 100%

◘ %CAPACITY = 86% at exceeds 75%.

5. Lifting of expensive or difficult to acquire loads.

Izaje de cargas costosas

6. Lifting of Dangerous or Explosive Materials

7. Lifting near power lines

Izaje cercano a líneas eléctricas

The table of power line distances must be taken into account.

8. Lifting of loads being removed from structures.

9. Maneuvers whose load must pass over areas of special care.

Ex. on pipelines, plant equipment, tanks, building installations, etc.

This was our list of critical maneuvers, but if we forgot to mention any example in our list, you can leave yours in the comments.

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