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9 Advantages Of Renting A Crane

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Any project of medium size or more, has a minimum requirement of one to 2 cranes for its development. The construction, mining, energy and industrial sectors are the sectors that have the most demand for the use of this type of machinery that is necessary to satisfy the great demands of the projects in these sectors.

The use of cranes is essential, but in most cases acquiring this type of machinery means a very high investment with a late and low return on investment if they are not going to be used all the time. So, this is where we find and assess the possibility of being able to rent a crane.

Crane rental is in great demand due to the great advantages it offers and here we tell you what they are:

1. Minimum Investment

Depending on the requirements of your projects, you may need a type of crane that could easily exceed $100,000 in cost. In addition to expenses such as maintenance, certifications, insurance, periodic repairs, GPS, among others.

Some cranes require additional special and oversized transportation to be able to mobilize them, which further increases project expenses.

If your project is not long-term, it is likely that the crane will spend a lot of time stopped and generating maintenance and storage costs.

To avoid all these unnecessary cost overruns and minimize your operating expenses, it is recommended to rent a crane for specific projects in certain periods. You only take care of the payment of the crane and its operating personnel, the leasing company of everything else.

At Grúas y Maniobras we have the best crane rental service. We take care of all aspects and save our clients a lot of costs, time and guarantee the success of their projects.

Minimum investment - crane rental

2. Access to different models

Each project is unique and has specific requirements and different operations that are impossible to cover with a single crane. Generally, at least 2 or 3 cranes with different characteristics that can cover all operations are required.

Acquiring a crane requires a high investment capital, but acquiring 2 or 3 already makes the idea of ​​buying something impossible and unprofitable. Therefore, if you are going to carry out work that involves 2 or more cranes, renting is strongly recommended over buying. In addition, when renting you will be able to specify the measurements, load capacities and other characteristics of the cranes that you need.
At Grúas y Maniobras we have a fleet of more than 30 of our own, modern, high-capacity equipment. You can see more about our fleet Here

3. Equipment in perfect condition

Companies that provide a crane rental service are responsible for keeping their machinery in perfect condition and always ready to work. When renting a crane you forget about inspections, equipment reviews, spare parts and more, because you can always access a equipment that has been cared for and prepared to work.

Lattice Crane - Grúas y Maniobras

4. Maintenance

Cranes are pieces of equipment that also need periodic care, which in the medium and long term will begin to generate expenses for spare parts, components, as well as specialized personnel to take charge of the respective preventive and corrective maintenance.

When renting a crane you will no longer have to worry about the costs of revisions, maintenance, administrative procedures, among others.

5. Operator included

Labor is essential when maneuvering a crane, since technical knowledge, skills and, above all, experience are necessary in order to obtain the best results without setbacks.
So, we can highlight that another of the great advantages of renting over buying is that you can do it including trained operators, certified with great experience that assure you and guarantee a professional job.

At Grúas y Maniobras we have more than 80 trained and certified collaborators who could contribute to the success of your projects


6. Parking area

Cranes are large machines and need ample space to be stored. If you do not have this space, you would be forced to rent an appropriate and safe place to store your machinery, thus adding a little more to the list of your costs.

The leasing companies already have this space, which would avoid these unnecessary storage costs.

cranes in warehouse

7. Consulting

Cranes are complex machines that in principle we can’t know exactly all their benefits or the correct way to operate or use them. But the leasing companies already have experienced professional staff who will advise you on every detail and doubt about your project.

In Grúas y Maniobras you can count on the reliable support of professionals who help you carry out the work. From the deployment to the start-up of all the machinery for the development of your projects from start to finish.

Advice on our crane rental service

8. Security and Guarantee

The leasing companies, in addition to keeping their machinery in perfect condition, also have certifications, risk insurance, civil liability and a team of professionals that guarantee that the work is carried out under standardized regulations and with the best practices.

There are departments such as Quality and Safety, where their function is to maintain good practices in caring for the environment and therefore ensure that the cranes are also correctly approved and certified.

9. Documentation

Operating and renting heavy machinery involves some paperwork, logistics and paperwork. There are certain regulations to be met, transportation schedules, breakdown repairs, equipment storage, equipment insurance, and more.

It is a lot of management and documentation. To avoid all this mountain of paperwork, you can opt for a crane rental service and delegate all these responsibilities to the leasing company.

In grúas y maniobras we take care of all the paperwork: studies, inspections, insurance, planning and more. In this way, they will be able to have the maximum performance for the success of their project.

Crane rental documentation

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