Intercambiador refinería Cajamarquilla

Replacement of Exchanger in Cajamarquilla Refinery

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The Gas Heat Exchanger Replacement project at the NEXA refinery in Cajamarquilla began successfully in April 2022. The services performed by Grúas y Maniobras are summarized as:


This study includes:

  • Studies and determination of the most optimal route of the load within the facilities
  • Evaluation of the optimal equipment to transport the old and new heat exchanger.
  • Detection of interferences in the route.
  • travel simulations.


The main activities of this service include:

  • 3D laser scanning and modeling of all areas involved in the project.
  • Preparation of calculation reports based on international standards (ASME BTH-1 – 2008, ASME B30.20 – 2006, AWS D14.1, Manual of Steel Construction, 13th AISC) and client standards
  • Calculation, design and manufacture of the lifting spreader used in the maneuver.
  • Calculation and design of lifting plans for all critical maneuvers.
  • Analysis, design for an atypical assembly/disassembly of the Terex SL3800 – 650t crane.
  • Study of the optimal locations for all the equipment involved.
  • Use of specialized software.


The details of this service are:

  • The equipment within the project was: 01 lattice crane of 650t, 02 cranes of 250t, 01 crane of 160t, 02 modulars of 10 lines, 02 low beds of 40t, 01 manlift.
  • Load tests of the Terex SL3800 crane and 02 lifting spreaders (100t and 150t)
  • Execution of tandem maneuvers for the old and new exchanger (weights 122t and 75t respectively).
  • Disassembly and assembly of pipelines.

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